Travis Alvarez is my best friend. Called Trav by me, T-man by his mom, Mr. T. by my dad, and other nick names that I don't know.
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Early LifeEdit

Travis Alvarez was born on September 27th, 1994. Not much is known of Travis before he met me except that he had two older siblings. Arianna Alvarez, and Corey Alvarez. Currently, he has a Lemond Drop Beagle Puppy named Sam.

Travis Meets DannyEdit

During his first year of boy scouts, Travis met me. We continued to be friends for 9 years and are still to this very day. We both go to Empire State Karate and Silver Hurricane. He is currently a green-purple belt.


Travis is currently in 11th grade. I had a few of Travis' teachers including Mrs. Carro, Mrs. Rodrick, Mr. Okun, Mr. Olin, Mrs. Halliday, Mrs. Lennon, Mr. Donovan, and Ms. Wesnofske.