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My sister, Alex

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Alex on her 17th birthday

This is my older sister Alexandra Nicole Korcz, but you can just call her Alex. She is smart, pretty, and if anyone tries to mess with her, hurt her, or touch her inappropriately, I will hunt you down

Alex's Early LifeEdit

Alex was born on August 27, 1992. Unlike most kids, Alex was in to reading. On her 3rd birthday, we moved to Islandia on Long Island. She used to be a girl scout.

Alex's Education Edit

My sister is a smart girl. Number 1 in her class. She goes to college in Albany.

Alex's Bat MitzvahEdit

When a girl turns 13, she has a Bat Mitzvah and becomes a woman in the Jewish community. Alex's was on September 17th, 2005. She had to practice for several months, but everyone was impress with her at the end.

Empire State KarateEdit

Alex was actually the first person in my family to join Empire State Karate. She quit temporarily before coming back. Alex climbed the ranks until she reached her 2nd degree black belt. She then quit along with my mom and joined a gym.

Alex's InterestsEdit

Ice Cream. Katana. Family vacations. Passing School. Hanging out with her friends. Her family. The fact that she's going to St. Rose. Dana. Chocolate.

Alex's DislikesEdit

Snoring. Farting. Failing. Going to School.